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WorkSpace Commerce is a property developer and commercial office provider that aims to fill the major gap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem across the UK and other parts of the world. Because we believe that an office is more than a physical work space, we strive to deliver strong value propositions across all our properties; a facility powered by the WorkSpace Commerce brand.

With buildings in London, Shanghai and Dubai, WorkSpace Commerce has a strategy to expand its portfolio to 30 buildings around the world in the next five to seven years across international business hubs including Toronto, New York and Hong Kong.

Market Overview

London is ranked as the most attractive European city for real estate investment for the sixth consecutive year, according to CBRE’s annual Investor Intentions Survey in 2017.

We are seeing a huge rise in shared office spaces in London. CBRE reports that corporations are tapping into the creativity of more vibrant communities and allowing their people to work in shared office spaces as well as their own workplaces. This is a current trend dominating Central London with demand now spilling over the surrounding inner and outer London areas.

Hoxton & Shoreditch – Located at the heart of East London’s Tech City

Hoxton/Shoreditch was launched by then Prime Minister David Cameron to support “East London Tech City” Initiative in 2010*. It is the third-largest technology startup cluster in the world, with more than 1 million people in the Tech-City. Hundreds of new companies have been born in the past years, generating a sense of community, excitement and entrepreneurship in the area. Google, Amazon, and McKinsey are among the companies that have invested in the area.

Our Investment USPs

Your investment will give you a share-holding in the company that owns the virtual freehold (999 leasehold) and title deed of the building. This will securitise your investment and give you an asset backed holding, plus you will own part of the business which as its shared office space and a high growth sector will be giving you returns from 12% per year. All your agreements are signed off by our FCA corporate advisors and binded under UK law by our lawyers based in London, UK.

The Investment Highlights:

  • Fixed assured return of 12% per annum for the first five Years
  • 105% buy back in option after year 5.
  • Multiple currency options USD/GBP and EURO.
  • Contracts legally binding under English law.
  • Low capital entry at 20K GBP.
  • Proven management team with solid backgrounds in serviced and commercial property industry; with performance records from globally reputable institutions such as ServeCorp, KPMG, HSBC.


The Hoxton, our newly launched property at the edge of Hoxton and Shoreditch, locates quietly at Regent’s Canal. As part of East London Tech City, the development is surrounded by creative scenes, and offers a dynamic tech environment.

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