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Accumulate volume LBMA gold bullion over a 24 month delivery period with a substantial ‘effective discount’ on spot price. Secure storage and insurance included.

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or multiples of


Advance Purchase of Discounted Gold (APDG)

You can achieve an effective discount of 26% due to making an advance purchase with delivery over a 2 year term

  • Buy Gold Bullion at Market (Spot) price and be rewarded with bonus gold at no additional cost.
  • Delivered monthly in 24 equal instalments to respected Secure Vault in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Bonus physical gold delivered in the same 24 equal increments – at a rate of 1 oz per $100K USD purchase or fraction thereof
  • ‘Effective discount of up to 26% on LBMA market price (subject to advance purchase over 24 months)’
  • All Gold is 24KT, 999.9 purity from LBMA licenced refineries
  • Delivery, Secure Storage and Insurance charges are included within the purchase price.
  • Once Gold is delivered it can be sold at any time 
  • Simple purchase process starting from £10,000 GBP $12,500 USD/EURO.
  • All APDG purchasers get a personal account with the Vault provider & fully control their gold.
  • Twice monthly statements of account, showing gold bullion delivered and stored.

Why Now is the right time to buy gold bullion via the APDG

A Trusted Asset – Throughout history, gold has been the most widely trusted asset to own. Nothing has changed.

A Liquid Asset – gold bullion is one of the most liquid assets out there. Sell and turn into cash at any time, within 24 hours.

A Rising Price – industry forecasts are for the gold price to continue to rise towards all-time highs over the next 2 years.

Tax Efficiency – profits taxed as gains, not income, offering purchasers the chance to use Capital Gains Tax allowances. 

APDG Key Features

Gold TypeLBMA Gold Bullion (physical purchase)
Minimum Purchase£10,000 GBP $12,500 USD (with 5K increments thereafter)
CurrenciesUSD preferred (GBP, EURO & AED options available)
Delivery Period24 months
Delivery FrequencyMonthly (in 24 equal increments of gold purchased)
Delivery LocationSecure Vault (Zurich, Switzerland)
Bonus GoldBonus physical gold delivered in the same 24 equal increments – at a rate of 1 oz per 100K purchase or fraction thereof
Liquidity (of delivered gold)48 hours max.
Delivery, Storage & InsuranceIncluded.

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